Email Campaign Generates High Value Leads for 318 Event Management

The campaign concept was based around the fact that current Director Roy Somerville was a customer of 318 Event Management for 12 years and recently became a shareholder and Director.

Roy shared his 6 critical reasons why he chose 318 Event Management to run his travel incentive programs for all those years.

318 Online designed and implemented an EDM campaign for 318 Event Management to relaunch their Travel Incentive Programs as COVID restrictions were lifted.

318 Online defined the strategy, designed and built the emails and associated web pages, wrote the copy, ran the email send and provided comprehensive metrics. We then ran targeted follow up campaigns to the active respondents.

Rather than merge contact lists from various sources we initally ran multiple mini campaigns and then merged lists based on respondents who demonstrated specific interest.

The results were very good. In the refinement stage of the campaign we achieved greater than 70% recipients opening their emails. We could see significant interest from two major international Brands in the metrics. 3 months on from the end of the campaigh and 318 EM advise the two international brands are engaged in ongoing discussions.